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What to do with sprouted seeds of zucchini: grow in a snail or in open ground

I found in myself the expired seeds of yellow squash, I decided to wrap it in a snail on toilet paper and see the germination. May 15th wrapped up, today unfolded, and there 11 out of 15 hatch! What to do with them now: add earth or plant in open ground?

When already pouring, summer is coming. Land immediately on the street.

Is it normal if they sit there without land until Sunday?

If until Sunday, I would pour in.

And I wouldn’t pour the earth. Keep track of the humidity of the toilet paper and they will calmly survive until you drop off.

You can squeeze into the refrigerator so that they do not outgrow before planting. Usually we do this with sprouted seeds - cucumbers, watermelons, melons, pumpkins.

Yulino watched the video she doesn’t sprinkle the soil in snails for such crops! I'll leave it so I'll probably see what happens

I didn’t sprinkle, straight from the snail I sent to the ground

We have rained all week, the bed is not ready. And the zucchini sprouted. So I put them in sawdust before landing. I sprouted corn like that, I liked it. He landed, she was not sick, she immediately began. Julia planted cucumbers like that, there is a video.

And today I’ve twisted cucumbers for testing

Twist and put into water at the age of cotyledon leaves, transplant into the ground, put a bag on top